the goods

12: You don't believe it. A university-level degree in three minutes.
6:  It's improbable.
12: But not impossible.
6:  Nothing's impossible in this place.

The Prisoner, Episode 7
The General

Here are slides to presentations I have given

The Many Faces of PostgreSQL ReplicationSCALE 16x, Pasadena, CAMarch 9, 2018
Cloudy With A Chance of ElephantsPGConf Ohio at Ohio Linuxfest 2017September 30, 2017
Of Hippos, Whales, and Elephants - PostgreSQL, Docker, and the Crunchy Container SuiteColumbus, OH PostgreSQL Users Group
Intro to Data Modeling in PythonMilwaukee Python User Group September 22, 2016
The Elephant Meets The Whale:
  Bringing Postgres to Production on Docker
PostgresOpenSeptember 14, 2016
Searching Text in PostgreSQL: A PrimerPostgresOpenSeptember 18, 2015

I wrote these presentations using reveal.js, and it is pretty amazingly fun. If you've a presentation to create, and the thought of starting PowerPoint or Google Slides makes you sad, then you should take a few minutes to walk through the demo, and read the source.